Tea Towels

High absorbency, lint-free and a streak-free finish


Our range of highly absorbent tea towels is designed with specialist fibres. After using an e-cloth tea towel just once, you’ll be ready to toss out all your other tea towels. Compared to our competitors, e-cloth tea towels dry out far more quickly and deliver a streak-free finish in just seconds.

Every cloth in our tea towel range delivers a streak-free finish thanks to their lint-free design. They also dry out four times faster than cotton, meaning you’ll never again have to deal with a soggy tea towel in your kitchen! Finally, with a 300 wash guarantee, you won't only be saving time, but also money.

Our Classic Check Tea Towel is the perfect all-around towel for your kitchen, drying glass and crockery in seconds. Highly absorbent and fast drying, our selection of Classic Check Tea Towel comes in three cheerful colours to brighten up your kitchen – blue, green and red. The Country Classic Tea Towel delivers the same finish and sparkling results, comes in a traditional and classic country design, perfect for any kitchen.

The Glass Towel is specially designed for cleaning glassware, though it can also be used as an every-day tea towel. The highly absorbent fibres deliver a streak-free, fingerprint-free shine with just one wipe, meaning your glassware will always be sparkling clean. Finally, a tea towel that makes drying glasses a pleasure – not a chore!

For the ultimate finish, look no further than the Professional Finish Tea Towel. This thick and sturdy towel is super absorbent, quick drying and guarantees a streak-free shine in just one light, equally effective on glassware and crockery.

Embrace the advanced power of fibres and take advantage of the beautiful, sparkling finish you’ll get with an e-cloth tea towel. Shop our range of highly absorbent tea towels today! We’ll even pay for delivery when you spend £10 or more.