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Products to clean & look after screens, lenses & electronic devices.


Touchscreens and lenses are some of the dirtiest surfaces you come into contact with – and the ones with the most bacteria.  Studies have shown that the average mobile phone has ‘abnormally’ high levels of bacteria.

The e-cloth Screen & Lens range consists of specialist products to clean tablets, TVs, computer screens, smartphones and satnavs.  e-cloths clean to a sparkling finish and are proven to remove over 99% of bacteria. They are packed with millions of tiny super-soft fibres, designed to provide maximum cleaning power. e-cloth fibres are 1000 times finer than a human hair.  Each fibre is split into 16 filaments, which are processed to give perfect cleaning and polishing performance.

The de-ionised water spray, together with the anti-static cloth, is the very best way to remove finger-marks and keep glasses and screens sparkling, streak-free and safe.