Grooming Mitt

Ideal for all types of pet, large and small.

Grooming Mitt

The dual-sided Grooming Mitt quickly gets to grips with dirt, dust and loose hair, gently massaging your pet at the same time.

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Grooming Mitt

Our high-quality, dual-sided Grooming Mitt gently removes dirt using just the power of water, and is super easy to clean, making for both a happy pet and owner.

Ditch the harsh chemicals and treat your pet to an environmentally-friendly yet luxurious clean with this Grooming Mitt from e-cloth. With it’s unique, high-quality fibres, it draws dirt and excess moisture out of your furry friend, giving them a deep clean every time. Our revolutionary technology allows you to remove debris and loose hair from your pet, no matter their hair length or size. Not only is it wonderful for your pet, but its mitten form allows you to clean even the hardest to reach areas with ease!

Our grooming mitt has two sides to it, allowing you to clean your pet no matter the condition of their fur:

-          The lighter side features longer, stiffer fibres, which gently, but effectively, combs through your pet’s coat, brushing out loose hair and debris

-         The darker side removes surface dirt, leaving them with a glossy coat and natural sheen

The Our Allergy UK approved mitt allows you to massage your pet at the same time, making the experience more enjoyable and luxurious for them, whilst giving you peace of mind if you suffer from a chemical-related allergy. Not only do our mitts let you easily clean your pet without the need for harsh chemicals, but they also help the environment in other ways. They can be easily washed with water in between deeper cleans and are suitable for 30oC washes. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to last 300 washes, meaning you will buy less of them in comparison to standard pet cleaning tools: they’re not only fab for the environment but great for your wallet too!

No matter your furry friend’s size or state of cleanliness, our grooming mitt will help you make them cuddle-ready before the dirt reaches your floors. Although, of course, if you don’t get there in time, make sure to be prepared with one of our many e-cloth floor cleaning products

23.5cm x 17cm

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