Window Cleaning with e-cloth

How to clean your windows...

Window Cleaning with e-cloth

You don’t need specialist cleaners to clean your windows – just use e-cloth and water.

Window Glass

The secret is to finish with a relatively dry Glass & Polishing Cloth on damp or wet glass – to leave a perfect streak-free finish. If the cloth is too wet, moisture residue does not evaporate quickly and the glass may not be left streak-free.

  • Spray the glass with water or dampen it with a wet Window or General Purpose Cloth.
  • Then simply clean and finish it off with a Glass & Polishing Cloth.

It can be a good idea to fold the cloth and use it as a pad. This ensures good contact with the surface and gives you a number of dry areas of the cloth to use.

If the glass is particularly dirty, first clean with a wet Window or General Purpose Cloth.

Window Surrounds & Sills

  • Use a Window Cloth or a General Purpose Cloth, with just water, to clean all window surrounds.
  • Rinse out regularly and squeeze as dry as possible, for a final finish.

If the window surrounds are particularly dirty, then use warm or hot water to open the fibres of the cloths more and give increased cleaning power.

The e-cloth Window Pack from e-cloth on Vimeo.