How To Clean Mirrors With e-cloth

How To Clean Mirrors

There really is nothing worse than having a dirty mirror. As they are such a fundamental object and an important necessity throughout your life, something every one of us use every day. Whether you’re brushing your teeth or checking out your outfit, you need to make sure your own is streak-free and sparkling, as nobody likes a filthy mirror.

At first cleaning your mirror may seem like a lot of hassle, but it is much easier than you may initially think. And by following this guide you will learn this for yourself and experience excellent results in the process.

What Do I Need?

  • A Glass & polishing e-cloth, is perfect - Glass and Polish Cloth
  • Cotton pads – to help rub down
  • Water spray

How To Clean A Mirror

If your mirror isn’t too dirty, then it can be a quick and easy fix for you, simply spray some water on the mirror and use a dry Glass & Polishing cloth for a perfect sparkle. – Note: Dry in a smooth circular motion in order to prevent smears. If your mirror needs more focus and a thorough clean, then check out our cleaning instructions below.

  1. Firstly, you should use a cotton pad if you need to get into the corners, before then beginning to examine the mirror in search of any kind of build-up, such as toothpaste or hairspray. You should then rub each of these off one-by-one.

  2. Following this, we suggest that you then spray down the mirror with your water spray, ensuring you do NOT soak it, instead just produce a misted look across your mirror.

  3. Before you begin to wipe down the mirror with your e-cloth, make sure you fold it into four equal segments, this way you have a clean surface to clean each quarter of the mirror with. This will prevent you wiping dirt across a clean surface.

  4. Begin cleaning the top left corner before then dragging the e-cloth over to the top of the right-hand corner. Then swoop down back towards the left side of the mirror. You should then continue this zig-zag-like pattern until you get to the bottom of the mirror. This method of cleaning ensures that you never miss a square inch of any surface; also assisting with eliminating any streaks.

  5. Finally, once you have wiped down the mirror you should then check for any scuffs by looking at the mirror from an angle, this will offer you more light to look with. Allowing you to see any streaks that when looking straight on you are unable to see. If you do find any of these marks and scuffs, you should spray your cloth and very quickly and carefully wipe away the streak...

           ...And you're done!

Make cleaning easy with e-cloth.