Every product you need to keep your kitchen really clean and sparkling.


The e-cloth Kitchen Range consists of a variety of specialist kitchen cloths, pads, mops and towels with highly absorbent attributes and the ability to leave spotless shine throughout the heart of your home. 

When choosing cleaning products for your kitchen, you will not be left short. We have an enormous range of cleaning products that will all contribute incredibly to keeping your kitchen looking good as new. From our highly absorbent Country Classic Tea Towel to our customer favourite Kitchen Whizz, we have all the utilities you need to make your kitchen shine.

The difference between our kitchen cleaning goods and any of our competitors is the efficiency of our products. Our Professional Finish Tea Towel produces 4 times faster drying speeds than your average cotton tea towel.

Our Kitchen Cloths, with their gentle scouring pockets, easily loosen and remove dirt, thick grease and bacteria using only water for a healthier clean. Durable and highly absorbent, they effortlessly lift, trap and remove all stubborn stains from kitchen surfaces and appliances.

Washing up is no longer a chore with our Washing Up Pad. Smooth on one side, it cuts through grease and grime while the more textured scrubbing side makes light work of more stuck-on food debris and stains.

The Kitchen Whizz, dark green with scrubbing stripes made from a more abrasive material to remove stubborn dirt and residue, has extra-long fibres to help you clean those hard-to-reach areas. Just wet it, wring it out and you’re good to clean worktops, hobs and around the sink.

Don’t be afraid to tackle your cooking equipment! With our Hob and Oven cloth (one side the same as our premium General Purpose Cloth) you can rapidly remove thick grease grime and bacteria. The other side has toughened non-scratch strips to tackle most stuck-on stains.

Add a perfect finish to all hard floors with our Deep Clean Mop. With its simple design and light aluminium base, it makes cleaning floors effortless.

With our range of kitchen cloths, pads, mops and towels, we have you covered, no matter your cleaning needs. Plus, if you spend over £10, UK standard delivery of your e-cloth products are free.