Gym Towel

A great towel for the gym and racquet sports.

Gym Towel

A perfect towel for rolling up and taking to the gym or for racquet sports.

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Gym Towel

A gym towel is an essential item for any fitness enthusiast, whether you exercise frequently or not. Working up a healthy sweat is great for you but being caught out without a gym towel is very inconvenient. Towels supplied by the gym are often either scarce or rough, and bringing your own cotton towel from home back and forth can leave your sports bag damp and smelly.  

The e-cloth gym towel’s specialised fibres are four times more absorbent than a typical cotton gym towel. It’s also designed to be much more compact, as it is thinner than an ordinary towel and can easily fit into any sports bag. Better yet, it’s quick drying, meaning it won’t leave your bag damp or make it smell, and it will be dry and ready to use again in no time. The gym towel is guaranteed for 300 washes.

80cm x 24cm


Allergy Friendly Product
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