Car Cleaning Kit

Ideal for Paintwork, Glass, Chrome, Lights & Interiors.

Car Cleaning Kit

Our Car Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for keeping your car clean and sparkling. The 3 products are all you need to quickly clean, dry and shine the whole car, using just water.

1 x Dual Action Mitt, 1 x Dry & Shine Cloth, 1 x Glass & Chrome Cloth

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Dual Action Mitt

The Dual Action Mitt’s orange fronded side will handle all the tough initial cleaning and get into those awkward areas. The soft grey side gently gives a final clean and will work on all surfaces. The Mitt will clean and remove grease with just water, but may be used with your regular cleaning liquid too.

17cm x 26cm

Dry & Shine Cloth

The Dry and Shine Cloth quickly dries and shines all the bodywork. The super absorbent Dry & Shine Cloth, used dry on wet bodywork, glass and shiny surfaces cleans and absorbs excess water rapidly.

38cm x 40cm

Glass & Chrome Cloth

The Glass & Chrome Cloth’s specialist fibre construction and weave increases the speed at which moisture is absorbed, to remove light grease and finger marks from glass, mirrors and chrome, leaving them completely streak-free.

40cm x 50cm


Allergy Friendly Product

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