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Products to keep cars, bikes & boats clean & shiny.


The e-auto range consists of everything you need to keep your car looking its best, both inside and out.

Our focus on high performance cleaning has enabled us to create a range of products that provide maximum cleaning power entirely without chemicals, using just water.  Our revolutionary way to clean uses fibres that have been specifically developed to remove grease and grime, so you can achieve far better results, without the need for any chemicals.

As well as exceptional cleaning for your vehicles, e-auto products provide significant cost and time savings versus ordinary cleaning, plus real health and environmental benefits.

Our e-auto products have many benefits:

  •  Clean brilliantly and give a perfect streak-free finish – all with just water
  •   Significantly reduces cleaning time - Wet, wipe & dry
  •   Very long lasting – guaranteed for 300 washes
  •   The cloths have high and rapid absorbency
  •   Reduced use of chemicals and less chemical damage to water courses